The Smallest Black Hole Observed Might Be Discovered

Scientists may have discovered the smallest black hole ever observed. The black hole discovered by a new method is estimated to be 3.3 times larger than the Sun.

Scientists have been observed so far, according to a new article published in Science magazine. smallest black hole he may have discovered. Scientists think the J05215658 black hole they discovered by merging several datasets is 100,000 light years away from the outer edge of the Milky Way.

Black holes that can be observed until now 5-15 times than the Sun it was bigger. However, these observations do not show that all the black holes in the universe are all the same size. There may also be black holes of different sizes.

Large and supermassive black holes are now easily detected. When such black holes rotate around a star in binary systems, they attract the matter around them. This collection process enables the emergence of X-rays that can be observed with telescopes. Therefore large and super-massive black holes convenience can be detected. However, although the presence of small black holes 2 to 5 times larger than the Sun is accepted, it is difficult to observe since they do not produce X-ray signatures.

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Scientists, in their previous studies, are 2.1 times the size of the Sun neutron stars and they were able to observe black holes, the size of which did not exceed 5 times the Sun. However, now the black holes between these two values ​​are trying to be discovered.

Researchers investigating small black holes examined Apog Point Observatory galaxy experiment data to examine the 100,000 stars found in the Milky Way. Scientists sought star marks in black-hole binary systems in this data. Researchers investigating how stars' nearby objects change gravity, Out of 100,000 stars they were able to reach a smaller set of data limited to hundreds of stars.

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The researchers examined automatic supernova survey data (ASAS-SN) to identify the correct system among hundreds of candidates they identified. This binary data analysis is against scientists not previously observed removed the objects.

J05215658 black hole detected in the study 3.3 times the size of the Sun is estimated to be 100,000 light years away from the outer edge of the Milky Way. However, researchers do not bypass the possibility that the black hole can be 5 times larger than the Sun.

Researchers continue to argue about other black holes they discovered with J05215658. J05215658, which currently only has estimates about its size, is the smallest black hole ever observed. But about J05215658 new work to be done can change the situation.

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