The Smart Pill in the Limitless Film Is There Reality Today?

At school, the number of people who are seeking stimulants to perform better at work is increasing. How are they used today?

Almost everybody watched Limitless Filmin, who has been starring in the lead role of famous actor Bradley Cooper and still loved since the very beginning. Filmin tells how Eddie Morra's character is so clever and popular, starting to use a very effective neuroleptic drug called NZT-48. Everyone who watched the film came to the question "Is this drug really there?"

For years, people used caffeine for a similar purpose. But new generations do not hesitate to try new materials to increase their mental skills. Some of these items called "smart pills" are very popular. Thirty-three per cent of the tens of thousands of Americans surveyed say they have tried such medicines in the past year.

Based on Historical Eskiler

The first "smart pill" is the piracetam of the Romanian scientist Corneliu Giurgea in the 1960s. The substance found by Giurgea, who tried to discover a sleeping chemical by affecting the brain of the wearer, had the opposite effect. Those who used this pill for a month witnessed significant improvements in their memories.

Today, piracetam is widely used among students and young professionals seeking performance enhancement. But there is not much data showing that healthy people increase their mental capacities.

Although there are people who regularly use such "smart pills", there is little evidence that these drugs have a positive effect on the brain, either, or they are either too limited or too limited.

Stimulus Material

According to Andrew Huberman, a neurologist at Stanford University, "it is a reality that some of you have worked for". Among these, stimulants such as amphetamine and methylphenidate predominate.

Drugs with these active ingredients can be prescribed in the treatment of behavior problems such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in the United States.

Many people use Ritalin as a stimulant to focus on a job


Ritalin is used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.


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While mathematician Paul Erdös solved his 19-hour mathematical problems, writer Graham Green is said to be using amphetamines while writing two books at the same time. In recent years, it has been talked about widespread use in the areas of journalism, art and finance.