The True Cost of iPhone X: Apple Land Doymuyor

According to Reuters' research, the profit margin per unit of the iPhone X is well above all other iPhones in the past at a price of $ 999.

Apple iPhone is the smartphone market, has become one of the most favorite devices in the world. As the day goes by, Apple's pioneering role in the sector and the innovations it offers, Apple,


It is now possible to record sales records with every product it has almost developed.
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Despite the high price of $ 999, the iPhone X, which is sold out everywhere, makes Apple more and more richer day by day. As a result of the research, Apple's per-unit profit from new device is much higher than iPhone 8

According to Reuters, even when the device was first made, it cost Apple $ 357. It is possible that the production conditions that have developed over time and this price have been reduced even more when the pool is considered. Apple has a 64% profit margin overall with a $ 357 cost / $ 999 selling price formula when the iPhone 8 Plus, which costs $ 288 per device, is thought to have been sold for $ 799.


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To summarize: In addition to innovations and high technology that Apple offers, it also succeeds in turning the rising brand value into a stronger cash source each year