The Two Dimensional Sizes of the World and the Hot New Planet

Astronomers came across a new as they continued to search for new planets.

While astronomers are looking for new planets in the depths of space, their general purpose is actually finding alternate, similar and livable places to the world, which is called Wolf 503b. This new planet scientists discovered this time does not have these features. Outside of the solar system, this planet is twice as big as the Earth and is quite hot.

The Wolf 503b, about twice the size of the Earth, is not very suitable for travel because it is so close to the stars. The most important feature of this giant planet is that it is incredibly hot. This planet has a bright star, too close to itself. Looking at the space telescope, the planet and its star are actually quite close to Earth. Wolf 503b is about 145 light years away from our planet. Although the ear can be quite distant, it is a stone's throw distance in space time and distance operation.


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The new discovery Wolf 503b is a pretty good planet to experience with James Webb Space Telescope, which will soon be out. With a stronger telescope, scientists can start to assess the planet's atmosphere and find out if there is hydrogen. For the moment, the planet does not have much resemblance to the world. According to current estimates, the temperature of the planet is about 540 degrees Celsius. If we look at the information at hand, our life there does not seem likely at this time.