The United Nations is Creating a Panel to Talk About Blockchain

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres created the "High Level Digital Cooperation Panel" and announced that Panelchain technology would take place.

In the panel claimed to be "the first example of"

Amandeep Gill, speaking on behalf of the UN Secretariat, commented on the issue: "

" Blockchain is either in the hands of the world or the world. you can not understand the 'web 3.0' revolution without examining Artificial Intelligence. We hope that these digital areas will be examined within the human rights and privacy contexts. "

Gill points out that the world is becoming increasingly digital and that these digital areas offer a variety of opportunities, he said today's digital transformation has inherent risks. According to Gill, developments in the digital environment can lead to more cyber attacks. According to Gill, the digitalization of the world can also seriously affect political elections.

The UN Secretary General also explained who the panelists will be in the statements made. Melinda Gates, a panel of American helpers to be formed, and Jack Ma, founder of China-based e-commerce giant Alibaba.

Jack Ma has various comments on Blockchain and we can say that they are generally positive.

Source: Coin Telegraph

He said that Blockchain technology could "change the future of mankind more than we can imagine.