The US government has established a mandate for cryptographic fraud

A new task force was created for the fraud of cryptography in the United States. The task force was set up as a new anti-crime unit that was created by an executive order and could be represented by different government bodies. The new mandate to work on market integrity and consumer fraud will be governed by those who will be appointed by the US Attorney General's assistant. The task force will work to guide the investigation and prosecute different cases involving cryptographic fraud on the US government, consumers, and financial markets.

The administrative order that led to the creation of this new task force is based on cryptographic currency fraud, money laundering and collection methods, will pay particular attention to the fraud that affects the public.

The new regulation is being welcomed

The Commission on the Exchange of the United States Stock Exchange has been selected as a member of the power of the task force.

According to Clayton:

The SEC is working hard to protect investors, the SEC's president, Jay Clayton, says the move is in place and all regulators can coordinate their activities more efficiently.

The new era for cryptographic fraud

The US Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission and the Bureau of Consumer Protection and Financial Services have also announced that the new mandate is a step in the right direction for the agency to cooperate closely with the commission and to combat fraud with other law enforcement agencies.

Prior to the creation of the mandate, the Futures Commission and the SEC committed to closely monitor digital currencies to ensure that all actors follow all applicable laws.

US regulators have committed numerous crimes involving digital money they are getting serious. A few days ago, Bitcoin Marvel was sentenced to one year in prison for charges such as money laundering with unlicensed Bitcoin. Furthermore, an ongoing investigation into the investigation of ICO operators is continuing.

The new regulation aims to remove all illegitimate or suspicious frauds. At the beginning of last month, only 4% of the entire ICO was found successful. Because of the unreliable nature of ICOs, many countries prefer tightening their laws when it comes to offering first currency, while others prefer to completely forbid others.


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