The videos from heise devSec help develop secure software

The heise devSec was sold out in 2019 as in the two years before. The organizers have now selected 12 lectures and a keynote from the program and have put together a package that is available on Vimeo.

True to the motto the heise devSec “Secure software begins before the first line of code”, the lectures are aimed at IT professionals who have an eye on security and take account of the entire development process from planning to ongoing operation. The lectures should help to avoid weak points and to identify points of attack.

On Vimeo has a bundle ready, which includes the following lectures:

  • Modern security standards for web applications
  • Safety & Security by Design
  • Manageable Secure Coding Guidelines
  • Beyond Passwords? – Fido2 and WebAuthn in practice
  • Security Midlife Crisis – Challenge transition from on-premises to the cloud
  • How practical is DevSecOps really? An experience report

The entire package is initially available at an introductory price of 50 euros and then costs 70 euros. The individual videos are available for 10 euros each.

This has also been in place for a week Heise devSec 2020 programwhich takes place from October 21st to 23rd, 2020. The organizers are currently planning a face-to-face event in Heidelberg. However, since it is not foreseeable how the corona pandemic will affect conferences in October, they are developing an online concept in parallel.

If you want to be informed about the progress of heise devSec, you can sign up for the newsletter or the organizers follow on twitter – the hashtag is this year # devSec20.


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