The Viral Video of the Frozen Baykal Lake

Lake Baikal, the pupil of Siberia, reveals the beauties of both summer and winter. If you want to see the beauty in winter, you have to take a little risk.

If you ask a person who is fishing in a frosty water, the problem will tell you that it has a unique calmness. If this frozen lake is one of the deepest lakes in the world and its surface is as clean as crystal, it can make you feel the emotions you never had (excitement, adrenaline, happiness, calm, maybe all in one). Maybe you may not have the opportunity to do this, but you can also feel the same emotion by watching the video below.

The person in the video recorded a slow and steady walk on the frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia. The only feature of Lake Baykal is not only the deepest lake, but also the largest freshwater reservoir.


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The stones of the man walking with a selfie stick in his hand are getting smaller and smaller. We think it would be enough to see this march wildly and to see the cracks and cracks that are obvious. It's like there's gonna be one of them falling out. Is the image beautiful? Yes, very nice. Scary?

According to the man in the video, the ice is at least 15 cm thick. The slow and steady march actually shows how carefully he takes every step. No matter what happens, this walk is dizzy.

The guy who uploaded the video to the Newsflare said, ’I can clearly see the bottom of the lake, the stones and the fish. It all feels like I'm in a land of fairy tales. 900


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