The Weirdest Android Phone of All Time

The first Android phone went on sale just 10 years ago. Today we are listing the 8 most weirdest Android phones ever.

Today is the tenth anniversary of the first Android phone T-Mobile G1 produced for commercial purposes. Over the last 10 years we've been with Android, we've sometimes come across very interesting phones. We listed the 8 most weird Android phones we've seen so far, specifically for the tenth anniversary of Android.

Motorola Backflip

When phones with slip-on physical keyboards were popular, Motorola experimented with an interesting keyboard. This model, Motorola BackFlip, has a foldable keyboard

Samsung Continuum

The second screen LG uses in the current series V is thought by Samsung many years ago. This phone, which has a second screen at the bottom, has a complete ergonomics with the positioning of the virtual keys and the 'bean' design. We do not need to tell you how bad Samsung's TouchWiz interface is in those years.


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Casio G'zOne Commando

No, there are no errors in the title. That's exactly what Casio's name refers to. Despite its robustness, this phone was appreciated by everyone for its waterproofness even though it was not an IP certificate; but what is that name?

Kyocera Echo

Echo, one of the first dual-screen Android phones, is a very innovative phone even though it does not look nice with its thick borders. Thanks to the tablet mode, the phone, which has a real multitasking experience, has not reached high sales figures.

LG Optimus Vu

This device, once sold in our country, had a rather strange design with a 4: 3 aspect ratio. The Optimus Vu, which had quite good hardware features at the time, came with a pen as though Samsung were in the Note series; but this item was quite useless.

Asus PadFone

This phone series, which Asus released with the name PadFone, came with a station that turned the device into a tablet. The PadFone series, which Asus continued for several years, could not be continued because the sales figures were low. With the growth of smart phone screens, such a phone was not needed.

Samsung W201x

Since 2013, this phone, which Samsung has released exclusively, lid phone experience and Android experience. Although it is an interesting idea, most people do not want to use such a phone, and the price of these devices is about $ 3000.


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Samsung Galaxy Round

As of today, Samsung, the largest curved screen maker, has made such a different phone a few years ago. Unlike Samsung's current flagships, the Galaxy Round, which has a concave structure, was only sold in Korea.