The Woman Who Says A Serious Relationship With A Ghost

A woman who said she had sex with ghosts in time created an agenda. Now we are gladly reporting that the same woman has found a happy relationship with her, but there is a little annoyance: our villain is also a ghost.

Amerist Realm was one of the agenda of the world media last year. The 30-year-old woman has been interested in explaining that she has been having sex with ghosts for the past 10 years. Realm, who made another statement in the past days, explained that he found love this time.

A holiday in Australia, Realm tells how they met with the ghost that he was in love with. "One day, while I was walking around in a meadow and enjoying nature, I suddenly felt an incredible energy. I knew a new lover had come in. "

Realm," We are quite serious. We even thought of having a ghost baby. I know this sounds crazy, "he says. It's like he's a stranger to a ghost and a lover.

Amethyst Realm told us how the relationship with ghosts began in December. The woman who lived with her at that time, who is really a human being, said that her fiancé worked so hard, "I moved to a new home and my fiancé could come home every one or two weeks. I'm starting to feel an asset, "he says. He then tells you that he has been associated with ghosts for 10 years.


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Of course it is wrong to turn Amethist into a media figure and make the output of problems psychologically lived in.