The word coronavirus is banned in Turkmenistan

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) reported that it is prohibited by the Turkmenistan administration to talk about the coronavirus and to wear masks in public places.

More than 200 countries around the world are struggling with coronavirus. Many countries use different methods, including quarantine, to combat coronavirus. Possibly applied to combat coronavirus most useless method came from Turkmenistan. It is forbidden to talk about coronavirus in the country.

Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, who has been the President of Turkmenistan since 2007, is known worldwide for many strict management practices. Berdymukhamedov, who was considered a dictator in the west, finally forbade talking about the coronavirus and wearing a mask.



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According to the statement made by the Journalists Without Borders (RSF), the word "coronavirus" was banned in Turkmenistan. RSF, from the brochure of viral diseases distributed by the Ministry of Health of Turkmenistan to schools, hospitals and workplaces the word coronavirus was removed He explained.

A reporter from Azatlyk Radio, which continues broadcasting in Turkmenistan, about coronavirus talking is strictly forbidden that told. The reporter said that people were resting at bus stops and shops, and people talking about the coronavirus were detained.

While the Turkmenistan administration prohibits the public from talking about the coronavirus, it also tries to prevent the epidemic from spreading to the country with some daily measures. Because when the coronavirus information page of the World Health Organization is checked The coronavirus case in Turkmenistan seems to be absent. However, independent sources in Turkmenistan report that there are cases of coronavirus in the country.

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