The World's First 8K Satellite Broadcast Will Be Launched in December 2018

NHK, the Japanese National Broadcasting Corporation, announced that they plan to launch 8K / 4K TV broadcasts from December 1st.

Technology giants are beginning to introduce an 8K TV. But having access to 8K TVs does not mean that broadcasts will reach an 8K resolution. We do not have an 8K satellite receiver and the broadcasts must be 8K resolution so we can not display high definition content we imagine with 8K TVs.


            Samsung Announces World's First Available 8K QLED TV

Japanese technology giant Sharp drove to the market in 2017, catching up on Super Hi-Vision video signals and tracking 8K broadcasts. There is now one piece missing from the jigsaw; 8K publications. NHK, Japan's national public broadcaster, announced plans to launch 4K / 8K hybrid broadcasts starting on December 1.

There is currently no information on the charges for broadcasts in question. NHK, however, announced that it will sell 8K satellite receivers, which will be shipping 8K broadcasts, by the end of November. 8K TVs are not widely used today. It is hard to say that 8K content is too much. However, the start of the 8K broadcasts before the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games is an important development in terms of the high-resolution publication of the Olympic Games.


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Since 8K TVs do not yet support the new standards such as HDMI 2.1, the satellite receiver needs to be connected with 4 HDMI cables to watch 8K broadcasts as well as a software update for LC-70X500 Aquos 8K TV. We have a little more time to switch to 8K if we think that even 4K TVs in our country have not become widespread enough.