The World's Top-rated Instagram Photo Yumurta Oldu

Kylie Jenner, owner of Kylie Jenner, the owner of the most admired post in the history of Instagram, was given a check on his cute photo. While we are preparing this news, you can take a look at the photo with a total of 18.1 million tastes below.

Each record is there for a day. But Stormi Webster's record of an egg was very interesting to pass. World_Record_Egg, which was opened only to be the most admired image of Instagram, has made this record in just 10 days. As you can see above, he has no other number than his own.

Kylie Jenner, who has shattered the egg's record, shared a humorous video as he accumulated egg-filled comments on Instagram posts. Jenner took up the subject from his point of view, baking eggs on asphalt.

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