The World's Worst 6 Smells According to Knowledge

The smell is both the most sensitive and the easiest to be accustomed to, but we do not have to get accustomed to what we do without some smells.

The perception of the smell of the molecular structure according to scientists conducting research on the underlying cause of bad smells and have significant effects on formation. The Journal of Neuroscience is based on this article published on the magazine named magazine, and molecular weight and electron density are the main cause of the odor as a result of the ongoing research.

Molecular weight is slightly, but more intense in terms of electron density, the odor is high 'bad' is becoming. Based on all this information and research results, scientists have identified the worst smells in the world, and we have compiled these 6 bad smells for you.


The smell of the Durian fruit, thought to contain 44 different odorants from rotten eggs to caramel, was so bad that students were evicted because they thought a gas leak was a college student in Melbourne because of a rotten Durian fruit.

Body Flower (Rafflesia arnoldii)

Rafflesia arnoldii, the world's greatest flower, smells heavier than a rotten corpse. The reason for this bad smell they are trying to attract is that they can attract the wrecks they need to carry their pollen in order to continue their species. However, this flower species is now in danger of extinction and is among the protected endemic plants.

Vieux Boulogne

Vieux Boulogne, the heaviest smelly cheese in the world, smells so bad that people use the term 'cow pops' to describe their smell.

Antique feces

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to bad smell is stool. But think about the stolen stools of an old toilet for hundreds of years. Archaeologists, who realized that the vases that were apparently left in the 14th century in Denmark were actually old "toilets" filled with life, experienced this bitter experience personally.

Little Aunt

The little ants smell 7 times worse than the smokers, and they use this heavy smell again for defensive purposes, like smokers.


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In the past days, it is said that Uranus, which has discovered the secret of its fragrance, smells like rotten eggs. The cause of this bad smell is a poisonous gas with the name hydrogen sulphide.