There Is A Black Hole In The Center Of The World

So far, in the center of our planet was thought to be very hot lava and molten metal. One researcher argued that there was a black hole in the center of the Earth.

The only strange theory of Earth's structure is not flat Earth theory. There is another strange theory called empty world theory. According to this theory, the hollow of our planet, the entrances are only in the polar region, but neither the people of the world down, nor the people of the world come down. One of the believers of this theory is the astronomer, mathematician and scientist Edmond Halley, who explored the Halley comet.

A former NASA employee also presented a similar and radical theory. According to this theory, our planet was formed by particles gathered around a small black hole. This black hole still exists. This area is responsible for volcanoes, earthquakes and the earth's magnetic field.

Louise Riofrio previously worked as an assistant senior researcher at NASA's Johnson Space Center on Space Engineering Systems. According to Riofrio's claim, the Earth was shaped like a pearl around a black hole, just around a sand hole. This black hole is the source of the inner heat of the planet and is involved in the formation of earthquakes, volcanoes and islands


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The researcher is currently on the team that produces atomic clocks for a study at the International Space Station to test whether the speed of light has changed. Every time a discussion involving time travel or the speed of light comes into the black holes somehow.

The black hole in the scientist's theory is not as gigantic as the examples in space, but more or less the size of a grain of sand. A black hole of this size has a mass equal to the mass of the Moon.


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Although the theory was quite interesting, it did not appear in an academic article with an academic article, but instead appeared in an interview on a site famous for conspiracy theories. Therefore, people are suspicious about this issue. Obviously the theory is quite interesting, yet when we think about the basic structure of science, it is not the right method to put forward a claim and wait for it to be mistaken. You need to prove your claim.