"There may be black holes turning around the sun"

Scientists have long been arguing about the ninth planet that revolves around the Sun. According to a new theory, there is no lost ninth planet, there are small black holes around the Sun.

For a long time scientists have been discussing a ninth unexplored planetary theory that rotates at a very wide angle. The reason this planet cannot be found is that it never exists. In theory, we may need to look for black holes that revolve around the Sun instead of this object that manipulates the motion of celestial bodies in the Solar System.

According to a group of astrophysicists, one or even more black holes continue to rotate outside of Neptune's orbit.

ninth planet

Two researchers from the University of Durham and the University of Illionis uploaded an article containing their theories to arXiv. Researchers claim that the Sun has managed to capture one or more small black holes in orbit. These structures still continue to revolve around our star quite broadly.


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Researchers say a primitive black hole would be a more coherent explanation than a lost planet in explaining the interesting movements of planets.

Of course, this theory is ultimately just a theory. Still, scientists need to test these theories. Black holes often oscillate around them, the so-called sinyal destruction signal enerji. Researchers say that if these signals are found, the 9th planet will actually become a black hole.