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Why the delivery experience is your best means of building customer loyalty

We are currently experiencing a real e-commerce boom. In Great Britain, the reopening of stationary retail began on April 12th, and further easing has come into force since April 26th. As a result, the number of customers for local dealers has shot up again. However, much of the online growth brought about by the pandemic will hold that level. Again Ecommerce Shipping Benchmark Report 2021 von Metapack shows that 31 percent of consumers plan to visit shops less frequently in the future.

The e-commerce business will therefore hardly subside. This is basically good news for online retailers. But the downside is increasing competition and falling customer loyalty rates. Not everyone will benefit equally from the boom in the e-commerce industry, and in today’s all-delivery economy, the most important unique selling point is the delivery experience. According to the benchmark report, 64 percent of retailers give the post-purchase experience in 2021 “high priority”. Below you will find out why this is also important for your company and where you should start.

Delivery options with high convenience

There is a reason why the e-commerce industry has been growing continuously for decades: the high level of convenience for customers. So it’s not surprising that matching delivery options increase conversion rates by 38 percent. The biggest challenge: How do I identify the right options for my customers? This question is particularly important for dealers who sell internationally. According to the Ecommerce shipping benchmark report 2021 Cost is the most important factor for consumers in the US and UK, while in France and Germany speed is a bigger factor.

In addition, the issue of sustainability is becoming an important factor in customers’ purchasing decisions. In the aforementioned report, 32 percent of consumers stated that sustainability plays a greater role than aspects such as costs and delivery speed when shopping online. Now that the lockdown is slowly being lifted around the world, greener options like Click & Collect, pick-up points and pick-up stations are becoming increasingly popular.

A selection of different delivery options with a high level of convenience is the perfect instrument to decisively improve customer loyalty. Ideally, the options offered should be based on the location of the buyer and individually tailored to each buyer and their current shopping cart.

Reliable delivery times are essential

But not only the delivery options are important, but also the delivery times. As mentioned earlier, speed is the most important factor when shipping for consumers in Germany and France. Even more: it is even gaining in importance. Last year the speed was in that Ecommerce Shipping Benchmark Report rated the most important factor by 19 percent of consumers in France and 17 percent of consumers in Germany. This year, those numbers have risen to 37 percent and 41 percent, respectively, and 33 percent of respondents cite speed as the most important shipping consideration when shopping online.

By specifying precise delivery times in combination with delivery options, customers can be sure that they will receive their order at the right time. This makes online ordering much more attractive. At the same time, there is greater brand loyalty and customer loyalty. For this purpose, back-end systems for shipping and warehouse management must be perfectly synchronized.

Speed ​​is the most important factor in shipping for consumers in Germany and France. (Source: Metapack’s 2021 e-commerce shipping benchmark report)

Easy shipment tracking

Not every experience consumers have when shopping online is a positive one. According to our 2021 ecommerce shipping benchmark report, 81 percent of consumers had last year a negative delivery experience. That is five times more than last year. At the beginning of the pandemic, consumers understood delivery bottlenecks and delays, but this patience is waning.

Delays are frustrating enough. A lack of information about the status or the reasons for a delay is unforgivable. These experiences have a direct impact on customer loyalty. Customers look for another dealer where they can be better informed. User-friendly shipment tracking helps customers track their orders from start to finish and informs them of the current status at all times. The same report shows that shoppers value tracking and tracing – 87 percent of respondents consider it important or very important.

“In today’s all-delivery economy, improving the delivery experience is urgently needed in order to stand out from the competition,” says Nicolo Viegener, industry expert and business advisor at Metapack Germany. “Exact delivery times, various delivery options (including sustainable options) and user-friendly shipment tracking – these factors have long been important to customers. However, in 2021 they will be essential for retail growth. These factors are indispensable for all dealers who were able to win new customers during the pandemic, ”continues Viegener.

Find out in Metapack’s 2021 e-commerce shipping benchmark report, How the successful Pandora brand uses tracking and tracing for the best delivery experience. In addition, the benchmark report highlights the current logistics trends in online retail.

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