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The bvik – Industry Association for Communication & Marketing surveyed its community in the “bvik trend barometer industrial communication” in autumn 2020. Now the bvik board members and the bvik managing director Ramona Kaden give their assessments which one Trends in B2B Marketing 2021 will be particularly relevant for marketers. Here are the main trends among the board members of the bvik – Industry Association for Communication & Marketing in the overview:

  • Individual customer experiences in our own showroom
  • More efficiency through marketing automation
  • Brand as a driver in change
  • Marketing is advancing to the C level
  • Social selling and digital platforms are gaining in importance
  • High quality and tailor-made content for digital customer communication
  • Creation of a new customer experience and year-round B2B community

Individual customer experiences in our own showroom

Kai Halter, chairman of the bvik board and Director Marketing at ebm-papst Mulfingen GmbH & Co. KG:
Companies should give massive thought to whether they are properly positioned for the future. The trade fair departments now almost exclusively have to implement large numbers of digital events for a wide variety of target groups. However, top specialists for live trade fairs are not automatically qualified to transform events into digital channels. This is a challenge that should not be underestimated for everyone involved. Large and important leading trade fairs will continue to exist and will increasingly be used for personal exchange. The need to sit around the table with people and discuss projects will continue to exist in the future.

Human-to-human communication will become even more important. In addition, the way goes to your own, topic-related showroom. The focus here is on the individualized product presentation and the experience for the customer. We marketers are challenged to offer our customers the best possible experience – and all of this on a very personal, yet technically excellent level.

Kai Halter, ebm-papst Mulfingen GmbH. (Image: NürnbergMesse / Thomas-Geiger)

B2B marketing: more efficiency through marketing automation

Dr. Andreas Bauer, bvik board member and B2B marketing expert with many years of experience as VP Marketing in various industrial companies:
We should look positively to the future. Because times of change are always the heyday of marketing. The difficult year 2020 has led to a fundamental rethinking as well as strategic and structural changes in companies. Due to the digitalization push, pure customer databases have developed into real customer relationship management systems. Data is analyzed more and more sensibly and the lifecycle data is used for customer-specific communication.

Digital lead generation and marketing automation are among the most important future topics for us marketers. Automated campaign control not only makes marketing and sales processes more efficient, but also raises all of customer communication to a higher level.

bvik Bauer B2B Marketing
Dr. Andreas Bauer, bvik board member and B2B marketing expert. (Image: Thomas R. Schumann)

B2B marketing: brands as a driver in change

Alexander Biesalski, bvik board member and Managing Partner of Biesalski & Company GmbH: Marketing has to have a measurable effect in order to be relevant – also and especially in B2B! In times of change, the call for proof of added value becomes louder, success orientation and proof of success are part of the “new normal”. Associated with this are appreciation and appreciation. At the same time, global trends require radical changes and the ability to transform. Openness and the courage to change are the strengths that marketers can and must show now. The brand is THE positive driver in change and thus an effective company-wide tool. Ergo: ‘Impact by Brand’ and ‘Change by Brand’ are my megatrends in B2B. True to the motto: Let’s be relevant!

bvik Alexander Biesalski
Alexander Biesalski, bvik board member and managing partner of Biesalski & Company GmbH. (Image: Biesalski & Company)

B2B marketing is advancing to the C level

Jens Fleischer, bvik board member and Managing Director Strategy and Consulting at medienformer GmbH: It is clear that job profiles will change and shift. New job profiles are emerging, such as a “Chief Revenue Officer” who is familiar with sales, brands and communication and who takes care of all matters that ultimately contribute to sales. This is the chance for today’s marketing managers to advance to the C-level, where marketing has long belonged.

bvik butcher B2B marketing
Jens Fleischer, bvik board member and manager at medienformer GmbH. (Image: Thomas R. Schumann)

Social selling and digital platforms are gaining in importance

Ramona Kaden, bvik managing director: The year 2020 triggered an enormous digital jolt that has lastingly changed B2B marketing and the focus of activity of marketers. Even under changed framework conditions such as sustainability and travel restrictions, in the near future it will increasingly be a matter of retaining customers and employees via digital channels and without the usual personal contact, generating leads and winning new customers. The products must convince even without a haptic experience.

The bvik trend barometer shows that marketing automation and social selling are becoming enormously important in this context. For me there is also no question that digital platforms are becoming more and more important in order to assert oneself in the market and to keep up with the competition. This not only demands creativity in implementation, but also strategic rethinking.

bvik kaden
Ramona Kaden, bvik managing director.

Tailored content for digital customer communication

Silke Lang, bvik board member and Head of Marketing Mobile Hydraulics at Bosch Rexroth AG:
The demand for digital events will become a sustainable differentiation even after Corona. This development is progressing rapidly and, in addition to careful planning, also needs the right partners and, above all, budgets that are not too tight. In this context, high-quality and precisely tailored content is becoming increasingly important. The creation of these online formats is a great challenge for industrial companies and requires suitable partner agencies who, in addition to the technical know-how, also have experience in the appropriate content design and staging.

This means that online events, alongside live events, are another mainstay of communication. I see China as the trendsetter in the next few years, especially when it comes to digital communication. China shows us how entire value chains can be digitized. Since data protection is not as strictly regulated there as in Europe, the possibilities of customer communication have been very much geared towards digital channels for several years. ”

bvik Silke Lang B2B Marketing
Silke Lang, bvik board member and head of marketing at Bosch Rexroth AG. (Image: Thomas R. Schumann)

Creation of a new customer experience and year-round B2B community

Rainer Pfeil, board member at bvik and B2B marketing expert with many years of experience in the field of live communication, trade fairs and events:
We are still in an uncertain situation, so the first months of the year will be characterized by a search for orientation. In particular, live communication with the trade fairs and events areas will change permanently in this disruptive environment. The long-term effects of the missing events in 2020 are still in the dark. But hardly anyone would want to do without the personal encounter at the B2B and B2C events, and so the thoughts revolve around a new orientation and new formats.

The lockdown in live communication allows a new approach to focused customer orientation. Here, too, Corona will act as an accelerator of a paralyzed process of change in 2021. A new customer experience and empathy for all stakeholders are required in order to further develop the formats in line with needs and in line with the times and thus perhaps to create a community that exists for more than just a few days a year. ”

bvik arrow
Rainer Pfeil, bvik board member and B2B marketing expert. (Image: Thomas R. Schumann)

By doing “bvik trend barometer industrial communication“The top trends in B2B marketing 2021 are identified from the perspective of the bvik community. In addition to the expectation of a customer experience like in the B2C area, the focus of activities for B2B marketers will also change. Marketing automation and social selling are on the rise.

B2B marketing
The most important trends in B2B marketing in 2021. (Graphic: bvik)

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