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  • Sendinblue has the number of followers and posts determined on the social media profiles of the 20 largest German cities.
  • Hamburg has the most followers, Berlin posts the most articles across all channels.
  • Social networks play a major role in both private and professional life.

On the various official social media platforms of the cities, locals as well as tourists can find out about news and dates and gain an impression of the city. Which city portals most active on the various channels is, the digital marketing platform Sendinblue has now determined in a social media ranking. For this purpose, the number of followers and the contributions on the official accounts of the respective city portals on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube were determined.

Social media ranking: This is the German social media capital

Has around 1,256,000 followers Hamburg by far the most followers on social networks. This makes the Hanseatic city the influencer capital among the 20 largest German cities. Took second place Munich: 1,040,000 people follow the Bavarian capital on its social media channels. Complete with 739,000 fans Cologne the top three of the ranking. Frankfurt am Main ranks fourth with 455,000 fans. The German capital plays a special role. In addition to the official city portal with 168,000 followers Berlin two more accounts with significantly more fans on the four social networks analyzed.

According to the social media ranking, however, the Bochum accounts have significantly fewer followers: Only 41,000 subscribers follow the profiles on the four social networks analyzed. This makes Bochum the least popular city in the social media ranking. Bielefeld and Duisburg have slightly more fans with 45,000 and 55,000 followers respectively. This puts three cities in North Rhine-Westphalia in the last three places in the ranking. Among the cities examined, Wuppertal is the only one that does not have an official social media account.

This city posts the most

Berlin posted a total of around 146,000 posts on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube – by far the highest figure in the study. Accordingly, the largest city in the country is most active on social media and clearly leads the ranking. Second place goes to Dortmund by a large margin: the accounts recorded 30,000 posts. This means that Berlin publishes five times more articles than the city in second place. Frankfurt am Main follows with around 21,000 contributions. In terms of the number of posts, five cities from North Rhine-Westphalia also landed in last place: With 1,000 posts, Bielefeld came off worst here. It looks similar with the accounts from Münster and Bochum. They have posted almost 4,000 or 6,000 posts in the past.

Maximilian Modl, Managing Director of Sendinblue, comments on the results: “Social networks play a major role in both private and professional everyday life. For many you also serve as a source of information. Especially during the holiday season, tourists can quickly make sure of the applicable Corona guidelines in the respective cities. The content can be adapted depending on the target group of the respective social network. Hamburg uses its Twitter account for official information and news, while the most beautiful views of the Hanseatic city are shared on the Instagram profile.

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