Things are just getting started

Coinbase CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Balaji Srinivasan said yesterday that Twitter has 63 percent of adult people worldwide with smartphones, while the proportion of adults with crypto money is only 8 percent in the US, it is probably less than 1 percent in the world, so it has a potential user base that is 60 times larger than the crypto money. Srinavasan ended his tweet by saying "Everything is just beginning".

This tweet from Srinivasan also fired a wrestler. Some have suggested that these numbers are more inevitable and clear than many of the cryptographic money market. Some claimed that it was quite plausible for people to hold long-term crypt money

. Others questioned the accuracy of the 8 percent crypto-money-owned data and at the same time the connection between Srinivasan's being smartphones and crypto money- 19659005] 8 percent of Srinivasan's data were based on the latest Finder research

Comparing smartphone ownership with crypto money ownership among users is similar to saying that 60 percent of Americans can buy lottery tickets because they can be bought with smartphones There were also who.

Someone who accepted Srinivasan's optimistic view said it was a reason for the long-term retention of crypto money.

As Srinavasan predicted, crypto money it will only take time to reach such a growth. Will he reach you?