Things to Know About the Risks of Heart Attack

Heart attack that causes millions of people to lose their lives every year is one of the most important diseases in our country. It causes heart attack, such as sudden obstruction in the arteries feeding the heart, no oxygen to the heart and damage to the heart tissue. Especially the blood flow to the heart of the blood vessels, cholesterol and arteries due to accumulation of arteries increase the risk of heart attack. As in the crisis scenes we watch frequently in movies, a sudden heart attack can take a few minutes and cause severe pain. Heart attack is a sudden discomfort that narrows the heart, but is now one of the most common patients.

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Symptoms of a Heart Attack

The most important issue in the risk of heart attack with sudden symptoms is early diagnosis. Taking the necessary measures at the moment when the symptoms of heart attack are seen are vital for the survival of the crisis. the pressure and the feeling of compression may indicate heart attack. These pains lasting more than a few minutes may spread to the cola, back, neck and stomach


Sometimes it can occur with the feeling of shortness of breath, sometimes with chest pain. Heart failure symptoms may be associated with palpitations.


One of the symptoms of heart attack is dizziness. Sometimes it may be accompanied by fainting.

Some of the other symptoms are vomiting, pain in the jaw, a feeling of fatigue, nausea. Early intervention is vital when these symptoms can be seen in both men and women.

What to Do During a Heart Attack

The first thing that needs to be done in a heart attack as a result of a sudden cardiac arrest is to call 112 for emergency help. If you are alone, please inform your relative about the situation. If you are, sit down immediately and avoid eating and drinking.

  • What to do during a heart attack are as follows:

    • Strong coughing by closing your nostrils to expedite blood flow.
    • If you have aspirin near you, chew aspirin with 1 glass of water. if you do not know about the help, avoid interfering with the person having a heart attack.
    • Ensure that the person is lying comfortably after calling for help
    • Make sure that the patient breathes comfortably by loosening the shirt, tie, necklace and tight clothing on him
    • . 19659023] It is dangerous to insert the patient under cold or hot water.


    To prevent the risk of heart attack one of the most common causes of sudden deaths

    must be taken. First of all, it should be tried to stay away from stress even though it is difficult. Staying away from regular diet, regular sleep, stress and fatigue are useful in preventing the risk of heart attack. You also need to make a heart attack and walk at least 30 minutes per day to avoid many diseases. In addition, the drug should be avoided without the recommendation of a doctor. Unconsciously used drugs will adversely affect cardiovascular health. Finally, it is important not to disrupt the control of the doctor regularly every six months.