This device allows you to charge your phone by focusing

A company called MyndPlay has developed a device for reading mind. This device, called "MyndHub", is reading your mind with an electronic headband that you will wear on your head. If you can focus enough, you can charge your smartphone using this product.

Mind reading It is one of the topics that attract the attention of both science and cinema industry. A newly developed mind reading device allows you to focus your smartphones charge helps you.

Developed by MyndPlay myndhub The mind reading device has such interesting features that you may think that the device is not a real product, but a fiction published in Black Mirror.

Mind reading device where you can charge your phone



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MyndHub is able to charge your phone does not. The company has developed a product called "MyndBand" for this system to work. Too much like a headband myndbandincludes "electroencephalography" technology, which is one of the techniques to measure brain waves. When you wear this headband on your head, you can control any device with a USB connection even if it is not very detailed.

myndhubhelps you make basic checks by interpreting the data from the electronic hair band. For example, you can control a small toy car with this device. One of MyndHub's abilities your smart phones to be charged and here As you can see in the video, the device has a functionality much higher than today's technologies.