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Record incoming goods without opening the box and carry out inventories in passing: In its 16 stores, Pier 14, a provider of premium brands on the Baltic coast, relies on RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology for even faster and more accurate inventory recording. With its unique fashion, enjoyment and lifestyle concept in which international designer collections focus on cosmetics, other products and a gourmet bistro Pier 14 customer satisfaction since 1998. The chain store knows how important Inventory accuracy in e-commerce is. In conjunction with the Roqqio merchandise management system, outages are now almost impossible.

Goods labels equipped with RFID technology

A reader and a tiny chip attached to the goods label are required to use RFID technology. Pier 14 has already “tagged” its premium fashion from Marc O’Polo and Superdry: the goods labels are marked with a on the supplier side RFID microchip Mistake. Pier 14 employees are currently redesigning the labels for goods from other suppliers. A new label containing the readable Electronic Product Code (EPC) or the Serialized Global Trade Item Number (SGTIN) is attached to the existing product label. So that is Identification of articles – unlike when scanning barcodes – contactless possible.

RFID technology Pier 14
With a hand scanner from sys-pro, the articles are recorded without direct contact. (Image: Pier 14 / Roqqio)

It is sufficient to move the handheld reader past the clothes rack and to fan it loosely through the textiles with the other hand. “With this low expenditure of time, we have reliable data for a profitable online business and at the same time more time for our customers,” says Stefan Richter, Managing Director of Pier 14. The number that can be read is made up of the article number and the serial number. The article number is supplied by the Roqqio merchandise management system and processed into the serial number via the sys-pro RFID system.

All items that are provided with the RFID chips can be recorded with mobile reading devices – and in the next project step also at permanently installed reading points such as in the checkout or exit area – without direct contact and automatically recognized in the Roqqio Retail merchandise management system. “I particularly enjoy the professional and highly qualified exchange with our project team, Rüdiger Hulla from Roqqio and Antje Schimana from sys-pro. After all, it is always people who put ideas into practice, ”continues Richter.

Pier 14 connected to online marketplaces

Roqqio not only manages all stocks at Pier 14, but has also connected the fashion specialist to the sales platform Outfits24, Zalando Connected Retail and Amazon – a welcome sales channel during the pandemic-related shop closings. If an item offered online is sold in the stationary branch, the RFID system reports this directly to the inventory management system. The product is then saved as sold and no longer presented online. The data is continuously updated within Roqqio’s merchandise management system and is available to all sales channels.

RFID technology supports anti-theft protection

Combined with the frequent stocktaking and control at Pier 14 in the branches, the probability of double or multiple sales of items is reduced to an absolute minimum. Work is currently underway on the integration of the RFID technology into the cash registers, with completion at the beginning of March. This minimizes queues at the checkouts and serves customers even faster: the desired product is recorded with the reader, automatically unlocked after payment and booked as sold.

A simple installation of reading points in the exit area of ​​the Pier 14 concept stores will in future also trigger a warning signal as soon as unpaid items leave the store. “There is then no need to additionally secure the goods with conventional security labels, which saves staff additional time. Solving article surveillance via RFID is the final stage of our project, ”explains Richter.

RFID technology Pier 14
Pier 14 operates the Marc O’Polo Strandcasino in Heringsdorf on the Baltic Sea. (Image: Pier 14)

Roqqio offers software solutions and concepts for implementing the customer journey in omnichannel retail. The portfolio includes systems for goods control, POS and (self) checkout as well as the enterprise SaaS solution Roqqio Commerce Cloud. This manages different sales channels and controls complex back-end processes, including order management, payment or logistics. The combination of these stationary and online technologies enables a seamless omnichannel experience. (sg)

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