This Mobile App Sends a Person to the Distance!

An application called Space Nation Navigator offers incredible opportunities for subscribers. After a period of 6 months, those who rank higher in the application's rank order will first be sent to Iceland, then one of them will be sent away.

Private space tourism continues to improve day by day. Space Nation, a Finnish space tourism start-up, published an application called Space Nation Navigator developed by NASA.

There are different categories of "body", "mind" and "social" in practice that test future space tourists with games, fun but challenging tests and various exercises. In these tests, many of your survival skills are scored.

This practice, announced a year ago by NASA, has great rewards for achieving high scores. For example, if you get enough points, you have the right to participate in a training program including a trip to Iceland and you have the right to take three more friends with you.

Over the next two years, one of the high- .

If you are someone who loves space, one of your biggest dreams can be done with a phone application. Here's the technology, it's up to this point, and the more exciting developments are not far away …

To download the app: Google Play – App Store
Click here for the application website