This ridiculous application gives you a score and analyzes your fart

A strange application, Fartr, analyzes the sound of your fart and gives it a 'quality' point.

Today, almost every application is available. Despite this, some developers still manage to find strange applications that will make them 'not so much'. Fartr is perhaps the most interesting application you've ever seen.

The Fartr app, developed by Fuori, gives you points by analyzing your fart. Yes, for some reason they needed to develop such an application. So how does this practice analyze your fart? When you fart, you press the listening button of the application. The height, length and rhythm of your fart are being analyzed. As a result, a score is awarded.


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Fuori states that the application can mix some breathed instruments such as the flute and the sound of a hand or mouthed fart with a real fart sound. Moreover, if you trust your butt, you can share your results directly by e-mail or on social media. This absurd application, which claims to aim at breaking social taboos, is on both iOS and Android platform. The price is $ 2.