This Time A Token Named Acun Ilıcalı Has Been Released

While it could not prevent the cryptocurrencies produced for jokes, this time a token bearing the name of Acun Ilıcalı was launched. The token is traded on BinanceSmartChain.

Not a day goes by that another ‘meme’ token will not be released in our country. During the past days, meme tokens bearing the name of Sedat Peker, who was on the agenda with his videos, and then the name of Şeyma Subaşı, were launched. Today, a new competitor has joined the meme token market in our country: Acun Ilicali (ACUN) token.

Even the website is not fully ready yet. ACUN tokenAgain, it has a purpose just like other meme coins. The token, which was released by people who did not reveal their identity, aims to support university students, according to the information on its website. 50 preparatory or first year university students to be selected online through the investments made in the project in the first stage scholarship will be awarded.

It is clearly stated on the website that it is a meme coin:

acun token

As we see with most meme coins, ACUN’s website has a similar, witty understanding of language. For example, in a way that mocks serious units where team members are shown ‘competent stockbroker’, ‘philanthropic millionaire‘ and ‘asian hacker‘ titles are included. Also, the fake comments posted on the website are pretty hilarious:

An incredible coin. I must buy now! Everyone should have it in their wallet. – Warren Buffett


A New ‘Meme’ Cryptocurrency Named Şeyma Subaşı

ACUN token is currently held by quite a few people. The token traded on BinanceSmartChain is in BNB parity. to the value of 0.04072 owner. But, as with every meme coin, let’s not forget to warn you about this meme coin: Units produced for the purpose of jokes carry the risk of inflicting a great loss on their investors. So you should think twice before investing.

Nothing in this content is investment advice.