This Week's Highlights About Samsung

Here you can find a compilation of news about Samsung, one of the leaders in the smartphone industry, throughout the week. Continue to follow Webtekno to get instant news from all developments related to technology.

South Korean technology giant over the past week Samsung He was frequently the subject of news. We shared important developments about the company with you during the week. We gathered our company news for the kidnappers in this article.

We met Samsung's smart speaker Galaxy Home Mini:

Galaxy Home Mini

The smart speaker Galaxy Home Mini, which is among the devices that Samsung will launch, is given as a gift in some countries in the Galaxy S20 series pre-orders. We saw the new device for the first time before the UNPACKED 2020 event.


Samsung's Smart Speaker Galaxy Home Mini Displayed Before Launch

The new foldable phone Galaxy Z Flip is introduced:

galaxy z flip

One of the devices introduced in UNPACKED, Samsung's highly anticipated event was Galaxy Z Flip. This phone, which folded down from the top, ran out on the first day. The official introduction of the phone was this week.


Samsung's Wallet Folded Like Galaxy Z Flip Introduced: Here's Its Design and Features

We've seen Samsung's wireless headphones Galaxy Buds +:

galaxy buds +

Samsung introduced Galaxy Buds +, the new wireless headset expected to compete with Apple's AirPods. This headset; will be sold in our country as well, and will be gifted in pre-orders for Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy S20 +.


Samsung's New Wireless Headset Galaxy Buds + Introduced

We said 'welcome' to the Galaxy S20 family:

samsung galaxy s20 family

We met Samsung's flagship models this year, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 Ultra in UNPACKED event. The phones that drove the prices attracted great attention.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Introduced: Here is the Price and Features


Samsung Galaxy S20 Introduced: Here is the Price and Features


The King of the Environment Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Introduced: Here is the Price and Features

The new Samsung flagship models will be relatively affordable:

galaxy s20 family

Every new smart phone models advertised prices in Turkey comes at the beginning of what we wondered. The new Galaxy S20 of San Francisco introduced in Turkey prices have been announced. Prices are not too high compared to the market, but the subject is of course controversial.


Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 and S20 Plus Ultra Turkey Prices Announced

The world's largest 8K display 'Wall for Business':

samsung wall

Samsung presented the QLED 8K smart screen series to people at the Integrated Systems Europe event held in the Netherlands.


World's Largest 8K Display from Samsung: Wall for Business

Discount on Galaxy S10 and Note10:

galaxy s10 and note10

After introducing the Galaxy S20 family, Samsung made a serious discount on all of its flagship models, the Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy S10. Discounts amounted to 1,900 TL.


Samsung makes a discount that eliminates the excise hike for the Galaxy S10 and Note10

We answered the question that everyone is curious about: Will there be Google applications in Galaxy S20?

galaxy s20 family

Google, which the Competition Authority first issued a warning and then fined, announced that Google applications and services will be disabled on phones that will be sold in our country after December 14, 2019. This raised the question of whether the new Samsung models will have Android apps. You can find the answer from our news below.


Will there be Google Apps on Samsung Galaxy S20?

New information about Samsung Galaxy Note20 appeared:

samsung galaxy note20 patent

A patent, which is claimed to belong to the Galaxy Note series, one of the most popular series of Samsung, has also emerged. According to this patent, the waterfall screen will be used on the new phone.


Patent Showing Samsung Galaxy Note 20 to Come with Waterfall Screen

First look at the Samsung Galaxy A70:

samsung a70

The first images of the Galaxy A70, one of the affordable models of the South Korean giant, appeared. The phone is known as a very popular model.


Samsung's Affordable Phone Galaxy A70e First Information Revealed

Samsung said they could fold the phones even more if they wanted:

samsung galaxy fold

Despite the Galaxy Fold's failure, Samsung, which did not give up and launched the Galaxy Z Flip, announced that it has the technology to make phones that can be folded more than once.


Samsung: We Have The Technology To Make Foldable Phones From Multiple Points

Samsung couldn't find a solution to screen breaks:

galaxy z flip

The display of Samsung's new foldable phone, Galaxy Z Flip, does not look very solid either. The screen of one of the Galaxy Z Flip's was broken from the folding zone.


Samsung's Fearful Dream Screen Cracking Problem Revealed on a Galaxy Z Flip

Does Samsung make a portable monitor?

samsung galaxy dex

Samsung is known as a company that works in many different fields. The last claims in the backstage are Samsung's making a portable monitor for DeX.


Samsung Allegedly Developed A Portable Monitor For DeX

These are the topics that stand out from our news content about Samsung this week. Stay tuned for more.