Thomson Reuters Releases Real Time Rate and Price Tracking Platform for Crypto Money

Thomson Reuters came up with a platform on cryptographic currencies which he named "Cryptocurrency Real Time Rates" and provided price data using a system close to the systems that some crypto-money- ] The new product provides institutional source and real time information via standardized rates and spot price index for those trading in the crypto money market.

The company's flagship product (the leading product on the market) via a customized API ) The market version of Eikon Thomson Reuters also reveals the interest of the newly emerging crypto-money world.

A recently completed Thomson Reuters survey shows that 20% of the 400 finance companies surveyed were ahead in the next 12 months

For now, a number of cryptographic commodity exchanges, such as BitFlyer and BITPoint will provide pricing information for six coins.

Implementation of Cryptocurrency Real Time Rates could also be interpreted as signaling that Reuters would start using crypto money on their trading platforms.

Reuters Immediately following the announcement of the daily price benchmarking platform for Ethereum today, in conjunction with CME Group's crypto money trading platform Crypto Facilities .

In the Thomson Reuters group Michael Go who works as the FX Market Development Manager for the Asia Pacific region, commented on the following:

"The wonderful growth in the crypto money world in recent years underlines the strong impetus for this new technology and commercial viable asset class . Thomson Reuters Cryptocurrency Real Time Rates helps us to improve our rates and achieve a more global and transparent global market.

Co-founder of BitFlyer Stock Exchange and CEO CEO Yuzo Kano added the following on the subject:

"The world's largest As a crypto money market, BitFlyer is making new efforts on behalf of the development of crypto money markets. We are a crypto money exchange with licenses to trade crypto money in Japan, the US and Europe, and we are delighted to be able to provide globally valuable data to our users through Thomson Reuters.