Thousands of trees were cut for a nuclear plant to be built in Sinop

"No" voices continue to be heard from Sinop for the Nuclear Facility to be established in Sinop.

As you know, trees need great efforts due to their living conditions. It can be quite annoying for everyone to destroy these great efforts and to cut down trees that have been laboring for years. Sinop, which is one of the highest green regions of our country, recently suffered from this situation.

Sinop, one of the most favorable regions of our country in terms of greenery, was exposed to a large-scale tree cutting due to a very different reason. For the nuclear power plant, there is an aim to be the nature paradise of Sinop, where thousands of trees have been cut. If this decision is taken, if an explosion is experienced, the loss of life is the worst. Normally in our country, 90 km per km, while this rate is 30 in Sinop. For this reason, it is expected that the life expectancy of a possible nuclear disaster will be less. Sinop Mayor Baki Ergül demanded a refund for the nuclear power plant in his statement


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The nuclear power plant planned to be installed at a distance of 14 km from the city center will be installed by Japanese engineers. In Japan, which has 46 power plants in total, 26% of the energy is met by these power plants. This plant, which will be the first in our country, will be equipped with the highest level security measures. Ergül demands that the selection of this place, which causes thousands of trees to be cut off and destroys a magnificent holiday paradise by making it to the seaside, should be done in other places where the trees and the human population are few.