TikTok Decision Not To Download in the US Suspended

A judge in the US made an important decision regarding TikTok. This decision suspends the decision banning TikTok from downloading from app stores in the US. So users will be able to continue downloading TikTok for a while. The reasoned decision of the court has not been disclosed for now.

Social media giant owned by Chinese ByteDance TikTokwas expected to be blocked within the US borders as of last night. This situation, which emerged as a result of the Trump administration’s decisions and the company’s inability to cooperate with a US company, did not end as expected. US judge, decision to block TikTok’s download in the US for now suspended.

The U.S. Department of Commerce makes a statement about the decision taken, and that they respect stated. The reasoned decision has not been announced at the moment, and TikTok is satisfied. Expressing that they are satisfied with the decision taken, TikTok officials will continue to protect their rights and they will continue negotiations told.


Under normal circumstances, TikTok would be unavailable in the US as of last night. Because the US government To the Chinese government arguing that it served, arguing that TikTok was a national security problem. The wish of US President Donald Trump on this issue was the acquisition of Tiktok’s US operations by a US company. However, this situation has not happened yet. The latest news from the court, TikTok for now to the advantageous position shows that it has passed.


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TikTok lawyers say that the ban of the application from stores is under the constitutional law. the first and fifth articles They demanded the court to annul the prohibition decision, claiming that it was against it. The delegation announced that the request was accepted after its investigations. As of now, TikTok has at least It can be downloaded for a while we can express.


TikTok, in its request for the cancellation of this decision your negotiations well said that it already continues. According to the lawyers, taking such a ban decision while the process was already underway was not the right approach. Apparently the court board is also with TikTok management he agreed. The decision taken is the clearest indicator of this.

By the way, the judge’s decision not permanent need to remind. So, with this decision, we cannot say that TikTok will survive and continue to serve in the USA. On the one hand, while the court process continues, on the other hand, TikTok, with a US company will try to negotiate. Presumably, TikTok will fulfill Trump’s request by leaving at least some of its US operations to US companies.

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