Tinder's founders sued the company

Tinder's founders sue the practice's parent company ICA / Match.

Former and current executives of the Tinder application sued parent company IAC for fraud, alleging money abductions. At the same time, Davada claims that he has been "exposed to sexual abuse".

Tinder founders Sean Rad, Justin Badeen, Justin Mateen and several other Tinder employees, accused IAC / Match of not paying Tinder for profitable stock options to founders and managers. they began.


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The lawsuit alleging that the creators of the flirting application on the market in 2012 were swindled by the IAC, said "The defendants carried out their dishonest plans behind closed doors, outside public markets and regulators." Davide also claimed that Match's CEO, Greg Blatt, had manually harassed Rosette Pambakian from Tinder's executives at a holiday party in 2016.


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In the defense of the IAC, the IAC denies the assertions. The company claims that the plaintiff paid close to a million dollars in compensation for equality in time; claiming that no fraud has been committed.