To be publicly offered with LG Blockchain system

LG CNS, a subsidiary of LG's computer technology services, wants to build a public Blockchain platform. For the LG Blockchain system, South Korea's leading companies, Korea Minting, have signed a contract with Security Printing & ID Card Operating Corpration (KOMSCO). Following this agreement, KOMSCO, a company that sells Korean banknotes, coins, stamps, passports and other official documents, will provide key services to users of the newly established Blockchain platform, including community tokens, digital authentication and documentation.

LG Blockchain to build on Monachain

Blockchain will be built on LG's corporate blockade platform, "Monachain". The in-house platform, launched in May, will be used for digital authentication, digital supply chain management and especially for the cryptographic currency. Monachain Blockchain technology has attracted a lot of attention with its promises, although it has not yet been passed on. Among the promises are gift tokens. Gift tokens will be directed directly to crypto-wallets.

LG Blockchain system will revolutionize authentication and detection of fake documents

KOMSCO will also enable users to access their smartphones via biometrics, such as fingerprints, via fingerprints to verify their identities instantly. Probably the company will help you access public services quickly and seamlessly with this feature. In a similar Blockchain-funded project announced earlier this week, some banks were reported to use the Blockchain-based platform for customer identity verification.

Another service LG CNS is emphasizing is ensuring that a document is easy to identify as authentic or fake. Organizations that are concerned about fraud will be able to work with peace of mind in this regard.


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