Tom Lee revealed the reason for the 25,000 dollar forecast at Bitcoin

Wall Street analyst Tom Lee does not give up on the prediction that Bitcoin will be worth $ 25,000 at the end of the year. Earlier this year, Lee said Bitcoin would reach $ 20,000 in the middle of the year, but before the end of 2018, Lee would break a new record.

Fundstrat analyst Lee refuses to step back from the forecast, even though the first part of the forecast is unattainable.

Bitcoin's 25,000 dollars at the end of the year is perfectly reasonable, he said. According to Tom Lee's estimate, the crypto currency must exceed the highest level of all time.

Fundstrat analyst pointed out that more visibility emerges in institutional activities. Over the past few months, companies in and out of the traditional crypto money ecosystem have launched products and services for large-scale investors. According to Lee, many major corporations are becoming pro-cryptographers, including Nasdaq and Goldman Sachs.

Tom Lee also mentioned that regulatory steps for the crypto money market, especially outside the United States, have begun to become clear. Countries such as Japan, South Korea and Malta have taken steps to create stable working conditions for digital currency businesses in their own countries. Thus, stock exchange platforms are beginning to expand their activities in these countries. Binance and OKEx announced they were heading to Malta, while Coinbase announced its Japan office.

Bitcoin mining is another reason for Lee's prediction. According to him, the cost per BTC in mining in 2019 will be around $ 14,000 reflecting the increasing mining difficulty. Lee says that the trade price of krypton should be twice the cost of mining, and that a price estimate of $ 25,000 is very reasonable.

Lee, commenting on other issues of crypt money, contradicts popular opinion,