Top 10 Countries with Second Wave Possibility in Coronavirus

According to a study by the University of Oxford, one of the most established universities in the world, 10 countries with the possibility of the start of the second wave were announced. Measures relaxed by countries have caused the virus to re-increase its speed recently.

According to the research conducted by Oxford University, over 45 countries and 25 thousand cases, in COVID-19 second wave most likely to live 10 countries He explained. According to the information compiled by The Guardian newspaper; As a result of researches carried out in Asian, European and American continents, the second wave of coronavirus may start, especially in 10 countries. Failure of these countries to take the necessary precautions is shown as the main reason for this event.

According to the analysis made by Oxford University, the country where the epidemic has spread the most so far USAis also at the top of the second wave danger. Stating that the probability of the arrival of the second wave is higher in Iran, Germany and Switzerland than in the USA, compared to other countries. Oxford UniversityHe said that the measures relaxed throughout the process created an increasingly dangerous environment and caused the R value to increase.

According to this statement, in the coronavirus pandemic The 10 countries where the second wave is most likely to occur are respectively; Germany, Ukraine, USA, Switzerland, Bangladesh, France, Sweden, Iran, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. As the number of cases increased again in Germany in recent weeks, it was decided to extend some important measures.

Turkey is also displayed, including examples of countries

In the analysis carried out by Oxford University, countries where the number of cases did not increase, although the measures were loosened. example shown. Among these countries TurkeyIncluded Belgium, Canada, Poland, Pakistan, UAE, Belarus, Italy, Spain, Singapore and the Netherlands.


Disclosure from South Korea: Second Wave of Coronary Infection Started

Currently, all countries of the world are reducing measures against coronavirus pandemics. As a result of this situation, the spread of the virus is gradually increasing. Shortly before WHO According to the statement made by, the highest number of cases in one day was reached. This showed us that the epidemic did not slow down, but that it increased its severity. We started to see that the number of new cases exceeded the healing number in some days in our country. Minister of Health Dr. Fahrettin Koca also expresses that we should continue to take precautions with the statements he made.

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