Top 10 Playing Games on PlayStation VR

Sony's virtual reality gaming PlayStation VR's sales have reached 3 million! The company celebrates its sales success with a list of "Most Played 10 PSVR Gaming", good news, and discounts.

Technology giant Sony celebrates the success of VR virtual reality goggles. Playing console-based PlayStation VR (PSVR) on the market put Sony at a great risk, selling 3 million units. The company gave some good tidings to its users in honor of it.


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Sony announces the release dates of two new PSVR games on the PlayStation Blog. The pre-launch is Creed: Rise to Glory, which starts today, will be released on September 25th. Evasion, another game to be released to PSVR, will be sold on September 9.


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Sony also shared a list of the 10 most played PSVR games:

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR
2. PlayStation VR Worlds
3. Rec Room
4. Resident Evil 7 biohazard
5. The Playroom VR
6. Job Simulator
7. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
8. Batman: Arkham VR
9. Farpoint
10. Superhot VR


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Finally, Sony announced that various PSVR games in the PlayStation Store will be discounted. Discounted sales are available today, with discounts of up to 20 percent on pre-orders and up to 40 percent on selected PSVR games. The discount, which is also valid for selected PS4 games, is only available for digital sales. The last day for discounts is August 28th.