Top 10 Rotating Technologies

We have listed the technologies that are used today but emerged as a result of a different idea.

Some of the technologies we use today are designed for purposes that we don't even know, and we can't even imagine. Some have been designed for similar purposes, but have become one of the technologies we use today, further simplified or reduced.

It is not known exactly when these technologies and technological tools, which are other ideas at the point of origin, take the state we are familiar with today, but we have compiled these technologies for you.

10. USBs originally designed as bidirectional

To connect USB to a computer, a person can accomplish this in an average of 2 to 3 attempts. The inventor of USB, Ajay Bhatt, wanted to make the device similar to the Type-C USB devices we use today, but he did not succeed as a result of doubts about the technology of his time and whether his invention would become widespread.

9. iPhone not intended to use App Store

Yeah, you didn't read it wrong. When Steve Jobs designed iPhones, the App Store came to the iPhone afterwards because he wanted developers to make web-based applications. Doubting about the quality of third-party applications, Steve Jobs, although this system does not want to give up on the persistence of Apple officials, the first iPhone released the App Store a year later announced.

8. Android was originally designed for cameras

If the founders of Android, had acted for the purposes of Apple, Apple today would not have an opponent named Android. In 2003, the four-person team tried to build an operating system for digital cameras and designed the operating systems to be used by smartphones as a result of the decline in digital cameras and the increase in smartphones. It is worth noting that it was not a bad decision at all.

7. The microphone was originally designed as a hearing aid

The first microphone was invented in 1877 by Emile Berliner. As with all other inventions, there were a lot of microfone-like inventions, and even Alexander Graham Bell worked on it and produced a prototype before Berliner.

The reason Bell isn't called the inventor of the microphone is that his device is not functional. Bell's design was not meant to raise the sound for everyone, but for the hearing impaired. If we recall that the first prototype was made by Graham Bell and the purpose was different, we could say that the microphone became interesting as we are now using it.

6. Block chain technology developed to indicate the date information of documents

Block chain technology, which is known to many people, was invented in 1991 by Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta, many people did not hear about. With the help of block chain technology, the duo would be able to add date information to documents that no one else could change. Although they successfully completed this technology, Satoshi Nakamoto began using the technology in a much different way after he invented Bitcoin in the late 2000s.

5. Sirens are designed as a musical instrument

The sirens, which we use today to report a dangerous event, were not originally designed as a 'warning tool'. He thought that the system designed by John Robinson in 1799 could actually be a musical instrument.

4. Ice machines are designed to reduce the temperature of patients in the hospital

Ice makers are actually a by-product of the first functional refrigerator produced by William Cullen in the 1720s. Some inventors developed Cullen's design and introduced new products. Among these inventors was the American doctor John Gorrie.

In 1842, Gorrie built an ice machine using Cullen's refrigerator. This machine was used to lower the body temperature of yellow fever patients.

3. The first programmable robot was invented to make casting

We know that the first digital and programmable robot was invented in 1954 by Georgee Devol, while it was possible to go back for centuries in the history of robots. The robot Unimate was designed to perform casting at extremely high temperatures and in a hazardous environment.

2. Steam engines were invented to pump water out of coal mines

The advent of steam engines and machines, the greatest invention of the industrial revolution, dates back centuries. Although not the first steam engine, the first steam-powered machine was discovered in 1606 by Jeronimo de Ayanz. Ayanz pumped the water out of the coal mines with his machine.

1. The first air conditioner designed to cool a factory

The first functional air conditioner was invented in 1902 by Willis Carrier. As in the ice machine, the air conditioner also emerged as a product derived from the refrigerator.

In 1902, the directors of the Sackett-Wilhelms Lithography and Printing Company requested Carrier a system to cool their plants. Because the factory interior was damp, it ruined the colors used for printing. Carrier began to work on this, and what emerged was the ancestor of the air conditioners we use today.


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We have come to the end of our article in which we examine the inventions that have become the technologies we are currently using by changing direction at the last moment. Stay tuned for this and similar articles.