Top 13 Buses of the Year 2018: The Worst Porsche

Once you buy a house, the biggest financial investment any unit will make is probably a car.

If you think that a single car decision will determine the comfort of your future years, you will want to acquire all the information you have already acquired. JD Power's regularly released Top List of Tools also helps.

This year, JD Power analyzed more than 600 vehicles and scored over 100 points. JD Power uses verified data from real owners of the vehicles;


The quality of the products, the reliability, the performance and the performance, the customer satisfaction,
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JD Power's consumer vice president, Troy Snyder, said, "There are about 600 models in JDPower that score 81 or more, and everybody can choose vehicles based on their own budget and needs, and in addition to voting ratings, customers can also see which vehicles so they can make the most logical decision. "

There were 13 cars on the list between 90 and 94 points. It is also worth noting that some of the cars on the list have not been sold officially in our country but can only be brought in via special ordering methods. Due to a number of tax and foreign currency exchange rate in Turkey to reach very high sums "The best cars of 2018" Let's look at the bride together.

13. Porsche Cayenne (90 points)

12. Lexus GS (90 points)

11. Genesis G80 (90 points)

10. Cadillac Escalade (90 points)

9. BMW 7 Series (90 points)

8. Porsche 718 (90 points)

7. Lexus RX (91 points)

6. Lincoln Navigator (91 points)

5. Porsche Macan (91 points)

4. Lincoln Continental (92 points)

3. Mercedes-Benz S-Class (92 points)

2. Genesis G90 (93 points)

1. Porsche 911 (94 points)






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