Top 5 Free Apps of the Week on Google Play Store

We've listed the best Play Store apps we've selected this week, as we did every week.

In this article we will share the best 5 apps of the week on the Google Play Store. You can follow us to access the updated version of this complete application list, which is all free of charge

. So you can get it for free at any time. Let's not forget; Even though the applications are free of charge, they may have paid content within themselves.


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1. Twimmage

Twimmage is a very useful app for Twitter users. With the application you can convert your tweets into a visual and share them on any platform. Twimmage is a very useful application for those who want to share their Twitter posts on Instagram.

In order to use the application, you need to allow your Twitter account as a third party application, but you don't have to be afraid. Because; your permission only allows you to gain access to tweets and people you follow.

2. Cam Calculator – Smart Math Solver

The Cam Calculator, which is much more than just an ordinary calculator, can handle your trigonometry processes by doing more than four operations. With this application that hosts all the processing techniques you can prefer, you won't have to carry an extra calculator with you. Let's add that the application is still in the process of testing.

Glass Calculator – Smart Math Solver


3. DiskDigger

Even though iOS users are not such an app, Android users are a bit more lucky about it. With this application called DiskDigger, you can restore photos that you have completely deleted from your Android device. We can say that the application is better than none, although it is not a guarantee to bring all photos back in a clear and complete way. It is said that you can restore the vast majority of the photos you deleted.

DiskDigger photo recovery



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4. Flashlight – Tiny Flashlight

We all have their own flashlight application, but almost all have a single option. With many different modes and detailed interface, Tiny Flashlight offers the convenience of the flashlight you want. The application will be waiting for you with a special interface on your lock screen even if your screen lock is turned off.

Flashlight – Tiny Flashlight 


5. Shutterstock Contributor

This is the most interesting application of the week. Shutterstock allows you to sell photos you take on appropriate criteria to other people via its own platform. We strongly recommend this application if you rely on your photography skills.

Shutterstock Contributor


This week's best practices were in our opinion. If you can't find suitable apps from this list, we suggest you wait patiently for our other lists.