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The best e-scooters are expensive. But there are also good models for little money. The leaderboard shows the top 5 street legal electric scooters.

The range of street legal e-scooters for private use is huge. But our tests have shown that far from everyone is good. This is about your own safety in road traffic, so you should not save in the wrong place. Our comparison test shows what you have to watch out for: seven e-scooters with road approval. If you live in a larger German city and would like to check before buying whether e-scooters are something for you, you should read our article Lime, Tier, Bird, Circ, Jump & Voi: E-scooter rental in comparison ,

So far we have tested seven e-scooters individually. Everything from cheap to expensive is here to show a good cross-section of the market. With the Trekstor EG6078 (test report) and the IO Hawk Sparrow Legal (test report), however, there are two models that we cannot recommend and therefore have not lost anything in a leaderboard. That's why we decided to only award the best five e-scooters.

Despite the seven e-scooters tested, some models are still missing for a comprehensive list of the best. We stay tuned to the topic and gradually expand the test series with further models. The results are then included in the comparison test and this leaderboard is also always updated. We collect all individual tests and much more on our e-scooter topic page.

The Egret Ten V4 (test report) is currently the best e-scooter on the market. Thanks to the 500-watt motor, it accelerates very quickly, rolls quietly and, thanks to the 10-inch pneumatic tires, it is also vibration-free with a great driving experience. Its battery is huge and the rolling resistance is low. As a result, it progresses significantly until the battery has to be connected to the mains again than its competitors. The brake system with one disc brake per wheel works very well. The folding mechanism is excellent. It makes a valuable and thoughtful impression. As one of the very few e-scooters, you can also fold down the handles here. Only his handlebars could be too low for very tall people. The second catch: It is expensive, really expensive.

Egret Ten V4 electric scooter blue

Egret Ten V4 blue

Egret Ten V4 Special Edition electric scooter

Egret Ten V4 blue Special Edition

Egret Ten V4 electric scooter black

Egret Ten V4 black

The Metz Moover (test report) was one of the first street legal e-scooters in 2019. Nevertheless, it appears to be well thought out in every detail. The high quality of workmanship and the consistent use of high-quality components are particularly noticeable in the Moover. When it comes to driving, no one can fool him. This is mainly due to the large 12-inch pneumatic tires, which absorb most bumps and are fantastic in the curve. The front and rear disc brakes are the best in the test field.

The engine is sufficiently powerful, but buzzes audibly. When folded, it fits in trunk sizes from golf class. Its battery is small, but thanks to its low rolling resistance, its range is still in the upper midfield. We didn't like the low payload of just 94 kilograms, the lack of splash water certification and the rather high price.

Metz moover electric scooter black

Metz Moover black

Metz moover electric scooter red

Metz Moover red

Metz moover electric scooter gray

Metz Moover gray

The Trekstor EG3178 (test report) only costs 540 euros and is still really good. Above all, he has no major weaknesses, as is usually the case in the price segment. The motor is sufficiently strong and the brake combination consisting of a disc brake on the rear wheel and the motor brake on the front wheel does its job satisfactorily. Overall, you feel safe on the e-scooter when driving. Its 8.5-inch tires are made of hard rubber with a honeycomb pattern. To absorb rough impacts, Trekstor installs a suspension. You have to be careful with the folding mechanism. Here it may be necessary to first adjust a set screw. More details in the individual test.

The animal scooters have been on loan in most German cities since mid-2019. This means that they are designed to be as robust as possible and not prone to errors. Tier is now exchanging its entire fleet for models with exchangeable batteries. The old fleet is overhauled and sold under the name Mytier (test report). Buyers get an almost indestructible electric scooter for 700 euros. Everything about him seems to be made of one piece, even the bell encloses the handlebars indestructibly. The brakes are great, the engine is not very strong but sufficient. Overall, he drives comfortably despite hard rubber tires, which is also due to the double hydropneumatic suspension of the front wheel.

He doesn't have a folding mechanism. That makes it a little more robust again, but also significantly less flexible. It hardly fits in normal cars. And wearing the Mytier is also a real challenge. It also does not have a single physical button and can only be switched on and off via the app, which is quite annoying. Otherwise, customers get a lot here for 700.

The Mytier is largely identical to the SXT Max linked here in the price comparison.

SXT MAX eKFV version electric scooter (ESCMX)


SXT Buddy V2 electric scooter black (ESCBDDYV2.1)

SXT Buddy V2

The best thing about the Soflow S06 (test report) is its very affordable price. Because together with one 1und1 contract you can get it for only 120 or 240 euros. For example, it costs 1 & 1 All-Net-Flat LTE M with 10 GB of data volume per month 25 euros. If you put 240 euros here, you get the Solfow S06 right away. Considering the alleged RRP of 799 euros, this is a real bargain. The Soflow S06 is not available on the open market.

The Soflow S06 is a solid e-scooter. In the test, we particularly like its pleasing appearance and its neat workmanship. The engine is not the most powerful and the folding mechanism does not give the impression that it has been going on for many years. We are really annoyed by the electronic front brake, which always applies when the driver is not accelerating. Still, he's good. Because the overall package is coherent, especially when you consider the very reasonable price.

The current rule for street legal e-scooters: If you invest a lot, you get a lot. The Egret Ten V4 (test report) and the Metz Moover (test report) are no match for their mileage and driving experience. Fortunately, the Trekstor EG3178 (test report) is also a decent alternative for a good 500 euros.

The e-scooter market is currently clearly on the move. We expect some really good entry-level models to come in 2020. We recommend keeping an eye on our e-scooter theme page. There we continue to collect all individual tests, purchase advice and advice.


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