Top 6 Apps You Can Make Your Own DeepFake Video

Deepfake 'fake' videos are extremely popular on the internet and are becoming more and more common day by day. We have briefly explained what this event is for you and we have compiled the best Deepfake applications for those who want to experience Deepfake.

With the developing technology, the truth with the fake has become almost indistinguishable. Artificial intelligence technology, which develops itself through deep learning, can even be used as a manipulation tool. Deepfake applications, which can easily create fake videos with an audio or video, are examples. Deepfake, the applications that allow you to shoot fake videos using a person's face as if you were yüz

We carefully selected deepfake applications and websites, which were mostly harmless and could be used for research purposes. You can also use these services for machine learning, image recognition, computer vision and, of course, entertainment. It should be noted that there are situations where such practices jeopardize privacy. Therefore, it is useful to remind you that you have full responsibility before using the applications. After we say that, let's get on the list without delay.



Zao application, which is very popular in China, allows you to create Deepfake applications in seconds. Chinese drama series, popular series such as Big Bang Theory and popular Hollywood movies, you can add your face to known scenes with the application you can get results in a very short time. If you are interested in such applications, we strongly recommend you to try this application.

Of course there are certain problems in this application. This is exactly what we're talking about: The application is available on Android and iOS platforms in China. You can install the app on Android as an APK, but you need to enter a Chinese phone number. You can test the application using certain VPN services, but if you want to continue without the hassle, you can also consider the following options.

2.Deepfakes web β:

Deepfakes web β

Deepfakes web ß is an application where you can create Deepfake applications over the internet. By using deep learning, this application which takes the differences in face data into the visual field and gives successful results can take approximately 4.5 hours. Although it uses the most powerful GPU on the cloud, it can take hours to process all data. Considering all this information, we can say that the Deepfake incident is as much fun as it is serious.

Note: The service is offered to you at a Deepfakes web ßYou have to pay $ 2 an hour.

I 3.avengethe:

I avengethe

If you are a Marvel fan, you can create the video you want with AvengeThem. The website, which allows you to change your face with GIFs of Marvel characters, is actually not a complete Deepfake application, but it is very successful. The app includes Star-Lord, Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America and more, allowing you to become the superhero you want. site the most beautiful part totally free no.

4.machinetub to:

machinetub to

Another website that allows you to create Deepfake videos from your computer is MachineTube. This non-cloud based website, such as Deepfakes web ß, focuses on the power of your computer instead. In other words, the stronger your computer, the faster the result.

The system needs a powerful processor as well as at least a 2 GB graphics processing unit, which can take hours to create the video, depending on your computer's specifications. MachineTube processes visual data using highly advanced deep learning algorithms. In order for this process to work, you need to upload the video and visual samples, and then leave the rest of the process to MachineTube. machinetub tois completely free.



DeepFaceLab, a Windows program, allows you to create Deepfake videos. It should be noted that the primary purpose of the application is to be used in research and informatics students. You can also download this program if you want to improve what you know about Deepfake videos. It is also worth noting that the interface of the application is not very user-friendly, as the application is usually for research purposes. Therefore, it may take a while for you to decode the application's interface, but with this application you can understand the nature of Deepfake applications. deepfacelabYou can download it from GitHub.

6.Deep Art:

Deep Art

Deep Art is another application that has been viral in recent weeks. Deep Art is not literally a Deepfake video application, but you can create Deepfake images by considering the art, ancient buildings and paintings. Although there are many similar applications, Deep Art's artificial intelligence allows you to turn any visual into a work of art in seconds. Trained with the works of famous artists like Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Picasso, the best feature of the application is that it is free.


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With Deep Art we have come to the end of the best Deepfake applications we have compiled for you. To be aware of this and similar contents instantly, to follow the technology closely and to follow the reviews of the latest technological products from our website or Our YouTube channel You can follow through. You can also download our mobile application via the links below.