Top 6 Free iPhone Games of the Week

We have compiled the top 6 free iPhone games this week.

In the App Store, we brought together the most popular iOS games this week. All the games in our list are free of charge, many of them offer purchases for games. It is a good idea to give them a chance for 6 free games we have compiled for you.

1. DueLito

DueLite, a fun arcade game based on touch, comes to force the boundaries of your reflexes. The game is also multi-player support, it is individual to have fun with your friends.

2. Kung Fu Z

You can save the world with Kung Fu from the zombie attack. The game, which draws attention with simple, pixelated graphics, offers a very fun experience. Retro music will bring you years ahead of time as well.

Marble Legends: 3D Arcade Game


3. Marble Legends: 3D Arcade Game

Marble Legends is a physics-based simulation game with striking graphics. There are more than 200 marble designs in more than 130 levels. The game, also available in multiplayer mode, is an interesting genre that you probably have not played to date.

Marble Legends: 3D Arcade Game


4. Meat Grinder

Meat Grinder, which has a very high score in app store reviews, is actually a defense game. Offering a variety of strengths for your character, the game is worth trying.

5. Pixario: Speed ​​Coloring Game

Pixario is basically a simple coloring game. The game also offers the possibility to cover your friends for all age groups. As well as contributing to the development of motor skills for young children, it also helps to calm adults.

Pixario: Speed ​​Coloring Game


6. Spark AI

Build and defend your castle. The game, which is basically based on this idea, actually contains much more detail.

This game, where you can discover dark mines and build a farm, is quite diverse.