Top Rated Issues Regarding Mobile Phones

Comparing the April 2021 data with the data of the previous year, Şikayetvar explained the issues that users complain about the most on smartphones and the issue with the highest rate of complaints.

Becoming an indispensable part of our lives, whether we want it or not smart phonesAlthough they are our most important assistants in many issues, since almost all of them have a different feature, the complaints of every user about their smartphones are not the same. Where consumers express their complaints about the products and services they have purchased Have a complaintexplained the most common problems consumers experience with smartphones.

According to Şikayetvar data, the “charging” problem is still a problem, although smartphones have been in our lives for almost 15 years most frequently cited problem continues to be. No contact on the touch screen, screen mirroring not workingfreezing in apps or games drew attention as the most frequently complained problems.

Complaint rate in mobile phone accessories increased by 228 percent

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Comparing the April 2021 data with the same period of the previous year, Şikayetvar shows that the increase rate of complaints in mobile phone accessories 228 percent, in smart watches and smart wristbands 122 percent He states that he almost broke a record. Also, the number of complaints about mobile phones 45 percent increasing from 11 thousand 707 16 bin 979has been elevated to.

The month with the highest number of complaints about mobile phones in 2019, 4 bin 643 When July with a complaint; December was the month with the highest number of complaints in 2020 and the number of complaints 7 bin 268rose to. When we look at the past three months of 2021, we see that the most complaints were made in March and the number of them. 7 bin 993 With the complaint, we see that it has already surpassed the highest data of the last year.

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The most complained issues about mobile phones are as follows;

  • Quick discharge of charge, overheating and explosion while charging
  • Non-contact on the touch screen, not detecting the keyboard touch
  • Screen mirroring not working
  • Freezing in apps and games, overheating even with a single app open
  • The sound does not go to the other side, it is sizzling
  • Inaccurate detection of fingerprint and face recognition
  • Hazy shot of the camera
  • Device with clone IMEI number
  • Yellow spots on the screen
  • Ghosting screen

Şikayetvar, with the data published in the past months, is not only for smartphone users, the most complained issues in all industriesshared data on brands and complaint growth rates. In Şikayetvar sectors with the most complaints, sectors with increasing and decreasing complaints, most searched words and much more here You can learn by clicking.