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We've come up with short news on Google Play for a short period of time

and we've listed apps for a shorter period of time on Google Play. We didn't include icon packages in this list, considering the feedback of our followers. Let's go to our list without much ado.

Equalizer FX Pro

Normal price: TL 11.99

Downloads: 10,000+

Equalizer FX is a bass and sound enhancer app where you can get better sound quality than your smartphone. You can use this application with all your music playback and video playback applications, and you can improve the original sound quality.

Equalizer FX Pro



Normal price: € 19.99

Download count: 10,000+

We don't need to tell the puzzle game 2048, which many of us have once used to depend on, but still let us pass a summary. 2048, all 16 frames on the screen will not fill up and you are trying to unload the frames by swiping the numbers together so that the same numbers do not come side by side.

Mental Hospital: Eastern Bloc

Normal price: $ 1.09

Downloads: 5,000+

Mental Hospital is one of the games that will give you the best horror experience on your mobile device. We don't exaggerate if we say we're going to freeze your blood, the game's slow-moving atmosphere that will make your feathers feel better.

Mental Hospital: Eastern Bloc


Mental Hospital: Eastern Bloc 2

Normal price: $ 1.08

Downloading count: 50.000+

The continuation of the horror monument that we have just mentioned Mental Hospital: Eastern Bloc 2 comes with more advanced graphics, more detailed environmental design and a more terrible atmosphere.

Mental Hospital: Eastern Bloc 2


RFS – Real Flight Simulator

Normal price: $ 2.99

Downloads: 50.000+

RFS is a simulator that carries the actual flight experience to your mobile devices. With advanced graphics and controls, you can actually feel like flying a plane. You may even notice that the game has many details such as flight plans, airplane models, different weather conditions, number of passengers, fuel status, and flight time.

RFS – Real Flight Simulator


This week we have come to the end of our news that we have listed the free applications for a short time. As we said, we didn't include icon packages on this list based on feedback from our followers. Don't forget to keep track of our site for more info:

(Adding to the added benefit, we get a lot of comments on this topic. We don't do these apps for free and we choose the most prominent applications for a short period of time and we create these lists.)