Toyota Develops A New Vehicle For The Japanese Space Agency

Japan-based automotive giant Toyota is developing a new exploration vehicle to be used on the lunar surface in partnership with the Japanese Space Research Agency (JAXA). The reconnaissance vehicle is expected to be sent to the Moon at the end of the 2020s and conduct research here.

One of the world’s largest automotive companies Toyotafor the future of space exploration Japanese Space Research Agency (JAXA) went to cooperate with. In this context, the spacecraft developed jointly by Toyota and JAXA “Lunar Cruiser“It was introduced last August.

Toyota and JAXA announced their first partnership for space exploration in March last year. Hiroski Yamakawa, President of JAXA, established the partnership with manned mobile vehicles on the lunar surface. full-fledged on the discovery He said he would play an important role.

The vehicle will be sent to the Moon at the end of the 2020s:

Lunar Cruiser

Toyota and JAXA, which announced the traveling concept design in August, throughout the rest of 2020 test pieces will continue to produce. Lunar Cruiser, referring to Toyota’s Land Cruiser model At the end of the 2020s It is planned to be sent to the Moon and make a smooth exploration of the difficult lunar surface.

The concept vehicle, which is about the size of two minibuses, two people It has a living space of 13 square meters in which it can fit. Designed for astronauts to take off their clothes safely inside, the vehicle is on the moon surface. 6 weeks able to travel throughout.

Lunar Cruiser

First mission on the vehicle’s lunar surface 10 thousand kilometers in 42 days is aimed to travel a distance. Toyota, who can travel about 1000 kilometers with a tank on this journey new generation one fuel tank plans to use.

Since days and nights last about two weeks on the moon, the vehicle also sun panels will also be found. This energy will be stored for later use due to the long night. Also for safety in the vehicle automotive drive will also include functions.

Lunar Cruiser


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Lunar Cruiser spacecraft developed by Toyota and JAXA joint venture In 2029 It is planned to be sent to the moon. During this period, the development phase of the vehicle will continue and will pass many tests. These tests include things like the use of simulations, the use of virtual reality, and the performance of heat dissipation while driving.

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