Toyota Develops Security Measures for Cars

Toyota continues to investigate the measures that will make safer driving safer last year. The project, which was run by the Toyota Research Institute, was so developed that it is planned to share this work with other automobile manufacturers

. Mal Guardian bu by the Toyota Research Institute, called the driver assistant, the driver and the vehicle's skills to bring together, and provide a complete coordination. also said they want to share. Pratt, who stated that they set off with the slogan "Guardian for Everyone", said that they have not yet decided how to make this sharing. With the completion of the works, the system, which includes the protective measures we will first see on Toyota vehicles, can be shared with other car manufacturers as software or with a hardware-software pair.

            Driverless Vehicles May Not Be Available In 2019 As Expected

As it is known, Toyota plans to develop autonomous cars for people who need robot taxis, such as the elderly and disabled. In an interview with CES, Pratt said there were many things to be done before they set off, and that their work progressed in this direction. is detected if the problem detects. " said. We will see how to use this system, which is thought to prevent accidents to a large extent, in the coming years.