Trailer of RPG Game Hogwarts Legacy Released

We’ve been waiting for a quality game set in the Harry Potter universe for a long time. At today’s PlayStation 5 event, a new RPG game called Hogwarts Legacy was announced. The game will be released not only for PS5 but also for other consoles and PCs.

Sony’s PlayStation 5We saw the introduction of many new games at the event where the price was announced. Perhaps the biggest surprise among these games has millions of fans all over the world. Harry potter was an RPG game set in the universe. Hogwarts Legacy The game, introduced by its name, takes us to the famous magic school in the 1800s.

Considering the year the game took place, as you will realize, we will not play with the Harry Potter character. Instead of “holding the key to an ancient secret that has the potential to shatter the wizarding world“An anonymous Hogwarts We will give life to his student.

Hogwarts Legacy trailer:

At game potions You will craft, develop your character and become a powerful wizard with successful magic abilities. According to the information obtained from the trailer of the game, the most important thing that will distinguish our character in the game from other students, perception of ancient magic and he will have the ability to master this.

When will Hogwarts Legacy be released?

Hogwarts Legacy


Sony Announces PS5 Prices and Release Date

Warner Bros Hogwarts Legacy, the new wizarding game to be published by 2021Will be with us too. Although the game was promoted at the PS5 event PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC will exit for. So people who want to play a successful game in the Harry Potter world will not have to buy a new console. Considering that it has an extremely large and young audience thanks to the books and movies, it is predicted that this game will be a great success.

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