Trekstor EG40610: E-scooter with removable battery & pneumatic tires tested

The Trekstor EG40610 is affordable, has large pneumatic tires for a smooth rided offers a removable battery. It turns out to be a complete package in the test.

Anyone who has ever towed a 14 kg e-scooter to the fifth floor will quickly appreciate a model with a removable battery. This is how the e-scooter can stay in the house aisle, trunk, basement or garage and only the battery comes into the apartment for charging.

But wait, didn't we already have a Trekstor e-scooter with a removable battery? Right! Unfortunately, the Trekstor EG6078 disappointed (test report, rating 4). It drives bumpy, has a too weak motor and has no disc brake. The EG40610 is now preparing to correct the errors. The test report shows whether this works.

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What immediately stands out on the Trekstor EG40610 is its almost 6 cm thick aluminum handlebar, in which the battery is hidden. Fortunately, the handlebar design is subtle and cylindrical. Trekstor has abandoned adventurous design experiments such as the EG6078. A flap secured on the top of the handlebar releases the battery. This is very easily removed in a few simple steps. Unfortunately, there is no way to lock the hatch.

The display sits nicely integrated on top of the flap to the battery. There, in addition to the battery charge status, the driver also sees the current speed in five steps without decimal places. There is no tour or total mileage display.

The orange throttle lever sits on the right side of the handlebar. Longer fatigue may cause thumb fatigue. A small bell on the left side of the handlebar serves its purpose. Overall, it is striking that the handlebar is 43 cm shorter than other e-scooters, whose handlebars are rather 50 cm wide. But that didn't bother us.

The footboard is not particularly large, but it didn't cause any problems despite the size 46.

With a length of 45 and a width of 15 cm, the running board is one of the smaller ones. The "test feet" with shoe size 46 can still easily fit on it. Trekstor specifies the maximum load-bearing capacity for the EG40 at 120 kg, the height of the handlebar measured from the running board is 100 cm. This makes the e-scooter also suitable for tall drivers. Both the front and rear lights are connected to the circuit. A separate button on the throttle lever turns them on and off.

The folding mechanism makes a simple but durable impression. When folded, the dimensions of the Trekstor EG40 are reduced from 110 × 43 × 117 to 110 × 43 × 46 cm. If you want, you can unscrew the handles and make it a bit more compact. To do this, however, an Allen key is used to loosen the brake handles. It is not as simple as the Egret Ten v4 (test report, grade 1). When folded, a hook on the handlebar snaps onto the counterpart on the rear fender. So you can carry the 14 kg e-scooter comparatively comfortably.

Large pneumatic tires ensure a smooth driving experience with an e-scooter.

The Trekstor EG40610 has 10-inch pneumatic tires with standard valves that compensate for many bumps and minor impacts. In contrast to e-scooters with hard rubber or honeycomb tires, no additional suspension is required for the EG40610, which means that overall it gives a more stable impression when driving than, for example, the Trekstor EG3178 (test report, rating 2) or the Mytier (test report, Note 2) is the case. Only the Metz Moover has even larger pneumatic tires (test report, Note 1).

The distance from the floor to the underside of the running board is 11 cm. That is quite a lot. So you can take smaller curbs with the Trekstor EG40 without touching down.

The engine sits in the front wheel and has a nominal output of 350 watts. That is enough to accelerate even heavier drivers to the limit of 20 km / h. The Trekstor EG6078 (test report, note 4) with its 300 W motor, for example, did not manage that.

The rear fender is also a brake. The sandpaper-like sticker sits a little dirty on it.

For road approval, e-scooters require two brakes that work independently of one another. The Trekstor EG40 offers three. The left brake lever doses the disc brake on the rear wheel, the right brake lever switches the engine brake of the front wheel on and off. A hard step on the mudguard brake blocks the rear wheel. The engine brake and mudguard brake are not as good as a second disc brake like the Egret Ten v4 (test report, grade 1). Nevertheless, the combination of the three brakes is okay. We already had significantly worse brakes in the test, for example the Soflow S06 (test report, rating 3). In the test, the EG40610 needs around 4 m to brake from 20 km / h to 0.

The 48 cm long battery weighs 1.5 kg and is used for self-defense if necessary.

A flap secured on the top of the handlebar releases the battery. This is very easily removed in a few simple steps. Unfortunately, there is no way to lock the hatch. Also, when reinserting, you have to be careful to fold the loop on the top necessary for lifting out so that the flap closes again.

The battery itself weighs 1.5 kg, is 48 cm long and measures 5 cm in diameter. It fits in most backpacks. Attention: A small plastic cover fixes the battery in the handlebar. If you are not careful, it slips into the handlebar with the battery removed and then has to be fumbled out again.

The capacity of the battery is 230 Wh. Of all our e-scooters tested, only the Metz Moover (test report, Note1) has less. According to Trekstor, the EG40610 travels 20 km on one charge. However, this only applies under ideal conditions. This means that the driver weighs 70 kg and drives on dry asphalt without a slope when there is no wind, an outside temperature of 25 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 60 percent. With a combat weight of almost 90 kg, we come to a good 15 km. On the Trekstor website, customers can buy a second battery for 229 euros and thus double their range.

The Trekstor EG4061 costs 650 euros at the market launch. This makes it one of the mid-range devices in terms of price. If you want to leave your e-scooter on the street, you should secure it with a lock. Here you can grab a handcuff lock for 25 to 30 euros.

For safety reasons, you should wear a helmet when driving an e-scooter. Trekstor includes a 50 Euro voucher for a Uvex helmet from its own store. Anyone who decides on the cheapest will get it thanks to the voucher code without additional costs.

TrekStor EG 40610 electric scooter gray / black

Master Lock Street Cuff 8275 chain lock, key black (8275EURDPRO)

Master Lock Street Cuff

Master Lock Street Cuff 8275 chain lock, key blue (8275EURDPRO)

Master Lock Street Cuff

The Trekstor EG4061 is really good! No comparison to the Trekstor EG6078 (test report, note 4), the only e-scooter in our test series that also offers a removable battery. In addition to being able to change the battery, we particularly like the very pleasant and safe driving experience. But the braking system also works reliably and the engine is strong enough. The optics please thanks to the simple design with the orange elements, the workmanship makes a reasonable impression, but without reaching the level of an Egret Ten v4 (test report, grade 1) or Metz Moover (test report, grade 1).

In some details there is room for improvement. So you can not lock the battery door. If you leave the Trekstor EG4160 (connected with a handcuff lock if possible), you should take the luckily light battery with you. A replacement battery is 229 euros expensive. The maximum range is also shorter than with all other e-scooters in our test series.


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