Trojan attacks network from Humboldt University

The computer Trojan Emotet has now also infected parts of the network of the Humboldt University after the Berlin Court of Appeal. "On October 29, the CMS (Computer and Media Services) warned of the malware Emotet, which was sent to HU email addresses at the time," an internal e-mail from the university IT department said Friday. Meanwhile, the first infections have occurred within the HU network. The extent to which the university network was affected and to what extent it was impaired was initially unknown. Previously had the Tagesspiegel reported.

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The head of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), Arne Schönbohm, recently described the Trojan Emotet as the "king of malicious software".

"Emotet spreads from infected machines mainly through two channels," said the university's IT department. "E-mails are sent to contacts (from inbox and address book) and in addition there is a distribution via network shares."

Emotet is initially geared to spying on the infected email systems. The program can then reload other malware – such as banking Trojans trying to divert digital money into the pockets of cybercriminals.

In September, the Court of Appeal in Berlin was also affected. Even more than four weeks later, the work could only be done there in emergency mode. The court is still busy installing around 500 new computers.


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