Tron and Tether Deal: USDT will meet with Tron Network in a few months!

According to a joint announcement by Tron and Tether, these two companies are planning to introduce the Tether, which is the Tether's hardcoat, to the Tron network in the second quarter of this year

. be used in all Tron-based protocols and decentralized applications (dApp). Tron users will be able to use the USDT for a variety of transactions through this new collaboration.

The USDT, marketed in the market in 2014 and supported by the USD, is being used by many investors in the crypto money market. This token, which has a fixed value and is supported by nominal currency, can be used both for trading purposes and for keeping money under difficult market conditions.

Tron struggles for a decentralized financial system and considers himself generally as a rival of Ethereum. With the addition of a network to the network, the network-wide decentralized application (dApp) thinks that the ecosystem can grow significantly. Together with this collaboration, Tron officials believe that network users can store money more easily and increase the liquidity of a decentralized stock market, according to the announcement by the two, which may lead to a significant increase in the number of institutional investors interested in Tron. According to this announcement, Tron may partner with several companies through this new deal with Tether.

Tron, who bought BitTorrent last year, has become one of the focal points of the crypto-money sector for the last few months.