TRON founder buys BitTorrent formally

 TRON founder buys BitTorrent officially
TRON founder buys BitTorrent company officially

Earlier, TRON founder Justin Sun bought Torrent client uTorrent's company BitTorrent we started working. Today the software company BitTorrent is officially sold to the blockchain entrepreneur and developer of the TRON platform.

TRON founder buys BitTorrent formally

Justin Sun began negotiations with BitTorrent in September of last year.

Justin Sun has not yet announced how much he paid to buy BitTorrent. Later in January, the company signed a letter of intent to buy. The deal was suspended after negotiations with different bidders, as BitTorrent would be contrary to the agreement. Later, Justin Sun resolved his disagreements with BitTorrent, bringing the deal back to the agenda.

TRON aims to make the internet immutable with BitTorrent

Financial details about the purchase are not yet available. But Justin Sun has enough financial power to buy BitTorrent and its assets. The total market value of the TRX crypto currency is now around $ 3 billion dollars. BitTorrent is a BitTorrent company founded by Bram Cohen, known for its torrent client uTorrent, which has over 100 million users. The company also has another popular torrent client called BitTorrent. TRON, partly supported by BitTorrent, aims to make the internet decentralized. We are not sure how TRON should integrate with BitTorrent

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